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Trimester one: Tips and Tricks to a Trendy Wardrobe

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The challenges of remaining on trend, comfortable and not breaking the bank, are evident in any woman’s wardrobe. Multiply this by two for a pregnant woman. Hannah Grace has coined a few tips to keep you sane during your first trimester:

1. Invest in a good belly band that can hide an open pants button ( whilst layering your clothing) and can also assist in pulling in a post partum belly.

2. Over the belly leggings are a great investment as you can dress it up or down dependent on occasion. You will also use these leggings beyond maternity. Pair this with a blouson top if you are still concealing your pregnancy in the first trimester.

3. A wrap dress is always a winner as it literally grows with your belly.

4. A wrap top to pair with any work pants…same principle as the wrap dress.

Its important to remember that this stage in your life is transitional, and the only way to enjoy your changing body is to celebrate it!

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